The Past Caught Up With Me

Twelve years is a long time to take to write a book.  I mean, who does that?  Apparently this girl!  I really have no good excuse as to why I stopped writing, let years pass me by and then suddenly decide to pick it back up again.  I am pretty sure I simply got distracted, and yes that happens easily enough, had 3 kids, pursued other dreams, then life slowed a bit.  Although honestly, as a wife and mom, does it ever truly?  And I dabbled.  In Event Planning, and I did pretty good, with the exception of raging Bridezillas, (wouldn’t that make a great book?!) from there I moved on to baking, and actually came pretty close to opening a bakery.  I would still love to own a cafe or a bakery some day, I love to bake and create in the kitchen.  From there I went on to attend and graduate Cosmetology School, and become a hairstylist.  I am just all over the place!

All that time I was reading tons of books, all genres.  I think part of me was always wishing I was writing.  So it is about time I jump back in, feet first, I have been writing for about a month now, and have my first book about a quarter of the way written.  The crazy thing is, I have so much story in me, I already know it is going to turn into a series, including a prequel!  Following my successfully writing, and publishing these, I have another book idea waiting!  As well as just the inkling of another idea forming in the back of my already overloaded brain.  If only I could hide away somewhere and just WRITE.  I am excited to get it all out for public viewing, while at the same time I want to hold it close to my chest and protect it.  Writer problems!


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