Horror Story

Today I realized again, because truly I have this revelation every so often, it is terrifying to write a book.  Seriously scary.  I love to write, there is something about putting everything that is in my head out in public, well it will be public someday.  But knowing someone is going to read it, and judge it.  It is hard enough because I am judging what I write, and if I am insecure about it, how will other people see it?  I began reading Indie Authors Survival Guide, super informative, but again, induces terror in me. Please tell me I am not the only who has these miniature heart attacks about their work? 

On the flip side of all that, the rest of the time I love and am super excited about what I am writing.  I have a story line running through my head, enough to span 3 more books!  And a prequel!  And then another book completely unrelated to the series.  Probably a good thing, if you want to be an author, you have to have plenty of material, and I have it coming out of my ears at the moment.  What I would love to do, is hide away for at least a month and just write.  Write until I can get it all out.  I think my kids and husband might miss me though.


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