Can I Get A Clone Over Here Please?

We finally were able to go on a much needed vacation last week.  If you haven’t ever been on a cruise, I highly recommend going.  Ours was a 5 day excursion down to the Bahamas, 5 whole days of fun, sun, relaxation, and absolutely no internet!  I can’t remember the last time I went that long without internet.  No checking into Facebook, checking email, or anything else. I didn’t even upload photos!  I brought along my MacBook with the intentions of working on my book, really I did, in fact when I had mentioned to my hubby how I was thinking of not bringing it, he told me he thought I was crazy! Why wouldn’t you bring your MacBook?  As it turned out, during the day we were so busy relaxing, (can you be “busy” and relax at the same time?) swimming with the kids, exploring islands, and when it was evening, my typical sit down and write time, I was too tired to write anything!  The computer did come out for a bit on the drive home, a couple hundred words were written, but not a whole lot accomplished.  

Now that we are home again, the kids are getting into the swing of back to school, I should have more time to commit, and I need to!  This book isn’t going to write itself!  I feel like I need to make myself a schedule each week so I can carve out time specifically to work.  But I have all these commitments pulling on me.  PTA, Fundraising, hair clients, children, husband, house, WRITING, time for myself (exercise, reading, etc) Event Planning and PR for a Non-Profit, Someone tell me how to divide myself and make it all work??  


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