It can be strange sometimes where inspiration comes from.  I have felt at a loss for what direction to take with the characters in my book as of late.  I sit and try and it just feels so forced sometimes.  One good sentence, in a bad paragraph, ending with lots of backspacing.  I have been researching here and there, fleshing out scenes and writing character profiles.  Then I wouldn’t know how to work it all in.  I get caught up in wanting the language to all flow the same.  For my lead to remain edgy, sassy, and strong, without allowing her to become weak, caught up in the romance lurking around the corner.

I wanted so badly to be able to say this weekend, while I was out of town, and in the possession of an empty hotel room for several hours, I had written something epic.  Instead I was distracted, unfocused.  I did manage to get a teensy bit done, but not enough to satisfy myself.  I need to force myself to carve out an immense amount of time.  However, unless someone knows how to add hours to a day, an extra day to the week, its not going to happen anytime soon.

Tonight, though, I was watching Captain America, The Winter Soldier with my crazies.  There was a lot of interesting concepts brought up concerning freedom, how much are we willing to give up in the name of security?  It rang very true with me.  Something I feel we could be facing here, in the actual future.  We are facing several unknowns these days.

In the middle of a Marvel movie, inspiration struck.  What if the fears we face today, viruses spreading like wild fire, and not just one, terrorists who live unseen in our midst, threatening us in our homes, hunting down soldiers and their families, what if these things, were enough?  What if containing them, ended up containing us? And in order to exact absolute control, what we know was erased?


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