Not My Forte

As it turns out, I am terrible at blogging.  I make promises to myself to follow through and that I will remember to write.  To write anything!  Being a writer means all I can think of is writing, right?  So why can’t I remember to blog?

Most of the time I believe it is because I feel I have nothing relevant to say.  I want to be witty, and concise.  The kind of blogger that has people checking and waiting for the next post to arrive.  Can I just be The Pioneer Woman of the writers world?  Or does she already hold that title?  (I love TPW btw, I am in awe of her ability to do all of the things, write, cook, blog, homeschool, run a business, be on tv… What can’t she do??)

However, I am going to re-give this whole blogging thing the old college try.  As an author (can I call myself that before said works are published?) I should be blogging and connecting with my readers and the world around me.  I rock at Instagram and Pinterest, tons of followers there, thank you very much, but Twitter and I have a strange relationship.  I never know what to say there either.  I stare at that little rectangular box, hoping for inspiration, so I can inspire, or for something hilarious that will break the internet, and be retweeted by my mass of (imaginary) followers.  I do happen to have a Facebook page for all of this, and it does ok I like to think.  Again, it is that whole, do I really have anything relevant and thought provoking to say?  I want interaction!!  But I don’t know how to get it.

I have a plan and a goal for where all of this is going, but for it to take off, I need you, the people, to join in and be my rallying support.  My cheerleaders in the competitive sport of authoring books worth reading.  Will you guys do that for me?

Much love ❤



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