Reading Is Fundamental

As soon as I learned to read when I was a little girl, I was at the library constantly.  I remember going once a week to the library near my house and checking out a stack of books from almost every genre.  And I devoured them almost as soon as I got them home.  Just so I could go back and pick out another stack to lug home.  I read like that up until I had children.  Now, I am not saying as soon as that first baby came home, I stopped reading.  I simply ran out of time to read.  Or what I was reading was slightly different.  Good Night Moon, Peter Rabbit, even Spongebob books, which if you know me at all, you would know I can not stand Spongebob!  But when your kid wants you to read it 7 times in a row, in the name of instilling the love of reading in your child, you read the stupid book.  With zest.  Every time.

Now that my kids are older, and they like going to the library, I finally get to pick out my own stack of books again. It might take me a little longer to read through them then it used to, but I love the fact I am reading books I enjoy again.  And the fact that each one of my kids checks out their own little stack of books each time, to bring home and devour, is a pretty good perk.


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