Cultured Crazy

I have always thought it was a good idea to expose my kids to a variety of different things; books, music, art, plays.  Because of this, they have a healthy appreciation for all things.  Plays/Musicals/Ballets.  While I haven’t taken my boys to many theater events, they do enjoy a good musical.  All 3 will ask to watch Hairspray, or Mamma Mia, they also put up with (enjoy?) White Christmas, when I force (casually ask) them to watch it every year at Christmas.  And yes, we have watched it already this delightful holiday season.  Once.  With hopes to watch it again before it ends.

My daughter, has been to a couple of musicals, Suessical The Musical, and Wicked.  She is definitely developing a love for the theater.  Not in the hopes to someday grace the stage with her glorious singing, and vivacious personality, but because she truly enjoys watching them.  Tonight, will be her very first ballet.  The Nutcracker.  I used to go and watch it almost every Christmas season with my mom and I loved every moment of it.  I had delusional aspirations of being a Prima Ballerina one day, but seeing as how I topped out at 5’2″, and am not built like a twig, those dreams  never came to pass.

Music is another story altogether.  I can appreciate most genres with the exception of a few.  Country, seriously nails down a chalk board, Gangster Rap, is that even still a thing? and Techno.  I CANNOT stand Techno music.  Makes me feel edgy and anxious.  My kids however will listen to anything and everything.  They love Fallout Boy, Panic At The Disco, Taylor Swift, My Chemical Romance.  The list goes on and on.  They all recently asked if I would take them all to the Fallout Boy concert at Hard Rock in February.  Sadly it is a 21 and over show.  So no….  Grow up a few more years and then save your pennies.

Now books, well I truly  love that they read.  Although these days, it seems that when we go to the library the books they choose are either non fiction books about lizards, snakes, frogs, kittens, every animal you can imagine, or books of scary stories.  My middle child, used to not want anything to do with books, period.  But somehow, last year he started reading.  But they weren’t the books I would have chosen for him.  He was reading ghost stories, books about creepy little children in gardens, or the ever famous, always popping up when you think they are outdated, R.L. Stine books.

I have to say, that even if they don’t read the books I think they should, I am an avid reader of Sci Fi and Fantasy books, and can’t quite wrap my brain around how only one of my kiddos shows a tiny bit of interest in my favorite genre, I am glad they are reading.  And anything is a step up from Spongebob and Captain Underpants….

So, what is your favorite genre, and do your kids read from the same one?


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