Been There Done That

Something I worry about from time to time, is what would I do if there was a book out there already written about my story idea?  I think it could be edging towards nearly impossible to have a completely original book idea that has never been done before.  And after much thought, I think that’s ok.

I read a post this morning over at the Nanowrimo Facebook page  about this very thing, it was nice to have someone else put a voice to what I had been thinking.

Two days ago, in explaining my plot to a friend, they pointed me in the direction of a link saying oh its happening.  Thankfully my plot is very different for the most part, there are some small similarities but it really had me thinking about what would I do if the parallels were different.  Bigger.

Would I stop telling my story?  Or would I continue on, making it my goal to write a memorable book, that would stick with my readers for its merits, not because it reminded them of something else.

I think I would choose the second option.  There are millions of books out there, being written, published, thought of, at any given time.  How many Vampire books have been written?  Each with its own twist to make it unique.  Or a play off of another one, or fan fiction.  And on and on.  If anything it could be a creative push to reach higher, to take a chance on doing something different from my normal writing.

So, the moral of this story is to not worry, to write your story no matter what.  Because each of us as individuals, are all different.  (And yes, I know this is slightly cheesy in its delivery, but that’s ok in this moment) What happens in my mind can’t be duplicated in another’s.  At least I hope not!  I don’t think I know any telepathic writers, although that would make an excellent story line!  Keep that one between us, deal?

Don’t worry about what others are writing.  Sounds easy in theory, but honestly I think for those of us who are writers, that is the best advice I can give.  Make your story your own and focus on that!

So has that happened to anyone?  Have you found another story similar to your own?  What did you do?

Share below in the comments!

Much Love ❤




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