When I was in high school, I seriously think I was writing papers more often then not.  Now for most people, this involved outlines, first drafts, edits and then the final draft.  I, on the other hand, hated that!  Outlines, I could kind of deal with, but writing a first draft? Forget that!  My first draft always ended up being my final draft.

I don’t know if that is a good thing, or a bad thing.

There are a few areas in my life I am a slightly, ok, sometimes more then slightly, OCD, about certain things.  My closet for instance, I have to hang things up in a certain order.  Tanks first, then Tees, followed by more structured tops, then long sleeves, sweaters, etc.  All of which are in a colored order.  I start with white, lightest to darkest, then run in the order of the colors of the rainbow.  Dresses are the same pattern.  I know,
I know, I am crazy.  It’s ok, I like being slightly abnormal.

Writing is another one of those things.  I think that might be part of why it takes me a little longer to get something written.  I write, and edit, and change things as I go.  I go back and re-read and then edit a little more.  My first draft IS my final draft.  It is exactly what I did in high school.  Thankfully I went to a tiny private school, I knew all my teachers personally, and had since I was small, and they knew me well enough, I guess to know I was going to do quality work.  And they let me forgo the rough draft, and as long as I turned in an outline, I could skip it and go straight to the final product.

I still dislike outlines, but have come to realize they can be worthwhile to have.  I am a note-taker though. I love to write things down, and see how the dots connect themselves.  Which then turns itself into my outline.

What is your writing style? Outline? Or are you Anti-Outline?  Final Draft, several drafts?  Share in the comments!

Much Love ❤



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