I Think I Am Doing This Wrong

Twitter.  Am I the only one who doesn’t get how to do this? Who am I supposed to follow?  How do I know what is trending?  Twitter makes me feel like an idiot.  Please tell me I am not the only one….

When I started with Twitter, and it was a LONG time ago, it was in order to grow my image as a hairstylist.  So my goals at that point were to be relevant, on trend, to be considered someone worth following.  And I didn’t get it even back then.  I had followers one minute, the next they were gone.  And back and forth it went.

So then I ended up following all of these trendy magazines, and designers, and trend blogs and I honestly had no intentions of “retweeting” the Top 5 pairs of tights you should be wearing this season, or who Cate Blanchett was wearing at her last red carpet appearance.

So what is proper Twitter etiquette then?

As I am morphing from being a hairstylist with goals to become a Platform Artist with a major brand, to a writer working on my first novel with the goal of being published, writing a series, being read, and my books loved, who I follow and interact with has to change as well.

I did a little research on the Twitters (ie. typing in hashtags pertaining to writers, and then reading profiles, super in depth, right?) and found some authors in the same genre to follow. I immediately received a follow back, and a message saying how excited they were I had followed them, and she was looking forward to tweeting, retweeting and chatting on the “Twitterverse”.  However, this came through right as we left for our Christmas Disney vacation, and since that was where I put all my time and energy for the past three days, I neglected my Twitter account/feed.

I had read, several weeks ago, that in order to grow your web presence, I should be tweeting at least 5 times a day.  As well as liking other tweets, retweeting, messaging, and sharing.  That feels like a LOT of work.  And apparently, not doing any of those things for three days, causes people to “unfollow” you!  What a vicious world the Twitterverse is!

So this author I followed, and had such a nice message from, promptly deleted me because I didn’t follow the proper etiquette. Or so I suppose.

I clearly need to research further into how to properly tweet and all the rest of the hoopla that goes into keeping up with everyone else.  From what I have learned, it can be an important tool in growing an online presence with social media.  And isn’t that what we all want?

My question to you, do you Tweet?  Who do you follow, or decide who to follow?  And are you a successful “Twitter-er”?

Leave your answer in the comments!

Much Love ❤



2 thoughts on “I Think I Am Doing This Wrong

  1. Hi Shayna 🙂
    Coincidentally, I have stumbled across your blog today thanks to Twitter. I find myself in a similar situation, mainly because I am new to the whole thing (unfashionably-late-to-the-party is more accurate, I expect!)
    I came on Twitter in the hopes of gaining traffic to my blog, and I’m worried that I may be required to spend more time on it than is practical. Glad to hear I’m not the only one thinking that! Good luck with Twitter and your writing ☺


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