Are Goals Overrated?

In case none of you noticed, today was the first day of 2016. There was the whole ringing in of the New Year thing we all did last night, which is then naturally followed the next morning by waking up in a haze, downing about a gallon of coffee to clear out the cobwebs of the past year, and making new goals or resolutions.

So lets talk resolutions.  Goals.  Should we or shouldn’t we?  There was a time when I did not make resolutions.  Not because I thought my life was perfect and fulfilled, but I think in part because I was afraid to make them and then fail.  Once I did begin setting resolutions for myself, they mostly revolved around fitness goals.  Eat healthier, make more time for the gym, etc.  Which are always goals in the back of my mind.  Especially after Christmas and New Years Eve.  Raise your hand if you ate amazing food this holiday season… No regrets right?  I enjoyed myself, and now I will work it all back off!

But for now, I am talking about life goals, career goals, goals about furthering skills.  This morning, ok, more like this afternoon, I had sleep goals I needed to fulfill, I sat down and wrote out a list of what I wanted to see myself accomplish in this coming year.  Big goals.  Scary goals in fact.  There was the obvious goal of finishing my book, and that will happen, I have been finishing the outlines for the final chapters, and prepping to put it all together.  And of course getting started on the next book in the series, but I also have another book I started last year that needs to be finished, as well as another series to start, and the possibility of another one! I wrote down goals to connect, network, and learn more about this whole writing process, and putting my work out there to be critiqued by fellow writers.

This coming year, I plan to participate in and finally finish Nanowrimo.  That is a big one.  It means prepping ahead of time, coming up with a story idea, outlining, building character profiles, and completing all my research so when November arrives, all I need to do is sit down and write.

And somehow, 2016 is going to be the year I begin to generate some income with my writing.  I have been researching several writing competitions for short works of fiction, or even for unpublished novels, and plan to enter at least two of them this year.  I am not that confident in my writing to believe that all I need to do is enter two competitions, and will immediately wow them with my prowess and win it all.  But I think that is a good place to start.

Those are the majority of my goals for this upcoming year.  Resolutions can be broken and forgotten.  Goals are meant to be met.

To answer the question in the title, resolutions are overrated.  Goals? Those never are.

Did you make goals for this brand new year we woke up in this morning?  Share some of them in the comments, lets help each other stay on track as we achieve them one by one!

Much Love ❤



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