Great Expectations

So we have covered resolutions, and goals, but what about expectations?  We hear people say, and I happen to be one of them, that they have high expectations regarding something, or themselves.

The definition of expectation is a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future.  So it is safe to say, for me at least, I definitely have some expectations as to what I would like to see happen.  But as an overachiever, I think my expectations might be just a little too high.  Or are they? When is it okay to lower your expectations?

If you lower your expectations, is it because you are giving up, and thus failing becomes less of a big deal?  I suppose it could simply be a realization that those were too high, and in turn, lower them in order to accommodate yourself.  What if having high expectations is setting us up for failure?  Are we only to be defined by what we have accomplished, or plan to accomplish?

That is a lot of questions to start out with, but I think it is important, no matter whether we are talking self, job, or family, to have expectations to some degree.  And furthermore to be able to define what they are.  I truly think it is impossible to go through life expecting absolutely nothing.  You might never be disappointed, or feel let down, but wouldn’t that be a life void of passion?  Regret and disappointment, while horrible in the moment, can be looked back on as something to grow from.  Expectations, no matter how high or how low they are, can push us to try harder, to achieve just a little more then we thought possible.

So maybe the key then, is to set the bar just high enough to encourage us to try for something great, but not so high that we are destined to fail.  Each time accomplishing what we set out to do, and enabling ourselves to raise our expectations for the next task.

Do you have defined expectations for yourself?  Have you ever lowered them to make them more attainable?

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Much Love ❤




One thought on “Great Expectations

  1. This is a really interesting post ☺ I guess it boils down to whatever works for individual people. Personally, I’ve recently come to favour the “shoot for the moon” approach, whereby you set yourself a goal that is likely unattainable in the short term, but whatever progress you make towards it will feel like a great accomplishment. Great questions, thanks for sharing!


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