The Writing On The Wall

Everything you write, if you are a writer, counts as, well, writing.  I feel bad some days if I am not solely focused on my writing, or rather, my main writing project I guess I should say.  However, I have several writing projects going on at one time, and working on content for this blog, as well as my newest venture.  My brain is consistently running, I fall asleep writing one blog post, forget it when I wake up, then frantically try to remember what those first great sentences were.  Let’s just say what I am writing now, was not what I was writing last night.  (It’s just as great though, right? 😉 )

My novel is also writing itself in the background of my brain.  Unfortunately, I am not always capable of accessing my computer so I can get it written down.  Life obligations pop up, get in the way sometimes, and push my good intentions right out the window.  Not an excuse, just adulting.  A lot.

My goal for this week, and yes, I realize it is Wednesday already, is to reevaluate my list of goals I wrote out for 2016, revise and add a few things on.  My priority of course is this novel, which if I am honest, I think I am a little bit scared to finish it.  Once it is done, then I am sending it in to the publisher I have a contract to sign with.  Or do I not?  Do I send it elsewhere, do I attempt to self publish it?  Which, of course, is another completely different route, that is even more terrifying.

Writing can lead to clarity, but there are rare moments when it only brings more confusion.  This is one of those moments.

Whichever moment you are in, keep writing.  I know I will.

Much Love ❤





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