If I Gave You The Truth

It has been about two weeks I think since I sat down and worked on finishing my book.  Which I continue to claim is so very close to being done, and I am.  But not writing anything isn’t going to get me there, now is it?  Life has spun into fast forward, and I have been busy with kids, and trips, and all kinds of things, things that oddly enough are not writing.

Why am I not writing?

Busy-ness is definitely a part of it, sometimes sheer exhaustion plays into it, but I also think that  I might be a little more discouraged then I thought I was.

Writing a book is a bit like having a baby.  You put all this time and effort into nurturing and growing, and making it into this amazing thing you want to share with the world.  But sharing it is incredibly hard because it is your very own, and you want everyone to love it as much as you do and see its potential.  Even one no, one, its not what we are looking for, one person simply brushing it off like I haven’t breathed my very heart into this work, it can be enough to stunt any writing efforts for quite a while.

Now to figure out not only how, but where to dig deep enough to find the inspiration and motivation to finish, and finish strong. A no doesn’t have to be the end, it shouldn’t be the end.  The question is, am I good enough for it to just be the beginning of great things?



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