Born This Way

So, I know in a past post, I talked about how several very well known authors had persevered through receiving several rejection letters before going on to become the writers of books we all know and love.

I found it interesting that a few people on that list, had pursued something other then writing in college.  A few hadn’t even attended college.  Now, I do not believe, and maybe I am only one of a few here who feels this way, that you need to study literature in order to be able to write a best seller.

My college education consists of 2 years of Bible college, (bet a lot of you didn’t know that one!) and 1500 hours of Cosmetology Education.  Yes, I became a hair stylist.  A hair stylist with an immense love of books.

I have always loved books, from the moment I could pick one up, for some reason however, I never even considered studying literature as a career.  I had contemplated Pediatric Oncology, Physical Therapy, Art Major, Interior Design, Music, the list goes on!  I almost went to Pastry School, but Cosmetology won out some how.

And then, my love of writing came back with a vengeance and I couldn’t stop thinking about picking it back up again.  I think pursuing other paths can give a writer a little bit of depth, or perception they might not otherwise have.

J.K. Rowling became a French major, John Grisham started out in accounting, Ray Bradbury didn’t even attend college, and wrote his novels in public libraries.  Life can be one of the greatest teachers. You can’t learn everything you need in high school, college is a wonderful experience, but the real world can trump all of those things.  I fully believe I can pull from so many of my experiences out in the real world when I write.  And no, I haven’t ever been a vampire, futuristic lawyer, or alien, but I have read about them in a myriad of novels, and I do know a blood sucker when I see one!

My point here, is even if you haven’t considered a writing career, you don’t have to be stuck in whatever you majored in while in college.  Unless you are a doctor, then, you should be a doctor.  I love doing hair, still, sometimes.  And I do envision myself owning a little cafe with a book store attached to it someday, but more then anything I want to write.

Writing is what I was born to do.


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