It’s The End Of The World As We Know It, And I Feel Fine?

The end of the school year is upon us.  To be honest, I am not sure how I should feel about it.  I am thrilled that I won’t have to get up every single morning at 6 am, my sleep is very important to me.  As I am sure it is to most parents out there, who dread the routine of dragging kids out of bed, and rushing around like a crazy person getting them ready for the day.

Then again, there is something to be said for a quiet house.  I am kind of ok with sacrificing those 2-3 precious hours of extra sleep in the name of 6 hours of peace.  Those are the hours I tidy up the house, do laundry, work out, and catch up on shows I love, get work done!  All of the domestic things I do during the day, so at night I can hide out and really get some work done.

So with the school year ending, my kids will be home. ALL. DAY. LONG.  Just last night, I was editing, in my room alone, and my lovely daughter came in, with both the dogs.  She proceeded to chat me up, while the dogs chased each other in circles across my feet barking, while she continued talking to me or yelling at them to stop.  I had to work really hard to not lose my cool with her, she was wanting to spend some time with me, and I don’t want to miss out on that.

I feel like I get so little work done when the crazies are home every day.  Although they are older now, and spend a lot of time running the neighborhood with their friends, there is a slight chance I might be able to get everything done as I do while they are at school all day.  (Insert sarcastic tone here)

However, I do need to finish editing so I can wrap this first novel up.  I have so many books planned out to write and I need to finish this one and get it headed towards publishing so I can start on the next ones.  How does one accomplish this?  Do you write out a schedule for the day and stick to it? Penciling in family time, domestic goddess time, and work time?  Or set aside 1-2 days a week to get all cleaning done, prepping meals for the week to make it easier and the rest of the days split my time between entertaining children and friends and work?

This applies really to so many of us.  Not just those of us writing for a living, but anyone who works from home.  So tell me, how does your summer look?  How do you prioritize to make sure you are balanced?

Tell me your summer plans in the comments!  Share how you manage to get it all done!

Much Love ❤



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