I Get Lost

I have come to the conclusion that the reason I like Sci-Fi so much, is because it is an escape from reality.  Books are great for that in general.  You find something that catches your interest, and then become lost inside a world that is different from your own.

Science fiction does that for me, to be apart of a world, that has very little in common with the actual world, and I am allowed, even if for a moment, to forget reality for a while.  My reality in general isn’t all that horrific, at least not now as an adult.  As a child, when I first discovered the Horror genre, it portrayed something much worse then what I was going through, so I read as much as I could.  Probably not the best choice for an 8 yr old, but I was reading well above my level and needed something that not only challenged me, but would engage me.

And while I know I will write in a few other genres, I actually have two other books in process that are simply adult fiction, Sci-Fi is my first choice every time.  Maybe, it will allow someone else the ability to escape a sad existence, or maybe even give them the strength to continue on.

I guess the take away from this, is read whatever you can get your hands on, figure out what speaks to you and use it to bring out your creative side.  Books will always be a valid escape, whether you are writing or reading.  You might just have something locked inside, and with the right motivation, it could become a book.  Even if it is just for you, there is healing in words.


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