2016, You won’t be missed…

So it would appear we have reached the end of this tumultuous year.  2016 was a year of political upheaval, an onslaught of celebrity deaths the likes of which we have never seen before, familial drama, the list goes on and on.

And while it also seems as though I didn’t move from where I began last January, I am sure somewhere, buried in this year, a move forward must have happened.  I made a list of goals at the beginning of this year.  Studied and stared and made promises to myself for three entire months and then forgot about them.

Today, I dug them back up, and discovered… duh duh duuuuhhhh…. I completed, NONE of them.  Not a one.  Some I started, some I thought about, a few I made serious attempts at.  I joined several Writer Meet Up groups, but to be fair, while I was willing to attend them, they never hosted any meetings and eventually disbanded.  So 1 point for me!  No money was made by writing this past year, and I have no idea if I actually grew my fan base, whether on Twitter, or on the Facebooks.  Important connections are made through social media these days, and will most likely continue to be the way we all network.  There is always next year I suppose.

So here is to a new year, a year of new goals to make, and maybe accomplish, here is to growth, in whichever direction we choose!  2017, prepare to be conquered!


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