Shayna Ryan-Box is a budding author working on her first book and lives in Chesapeake, Virginia.  She has dreamed of writing a book since she was a little girl, even having a poem published in grade school.  Those dreams were put on the back burner in order to raise a family and support her husbands military career.  She began a career as a hairstylist in the meantime, until all three of their children were in school full time and the book that had been building for twelve years decided it was time to be written.

Shayna developed a love of reading at an early age, making the trek to the library every week with her mom and sister to check out stacks of books, quickly read them all and pester her mom until she took her back for more.  It only made sense that writing would always find a way into her life.  For several years, Shayna owned and ran an event planning company, Posh Celebrations in Jacksonville, Florida.  Part of that entailed writing and publishing an Event Planning E-Zine called Simply Celebrate, she interviewed celebrities in their own right in the industry, wrote informative articles, editing and formatting it all herself.

An awesome baker, she catered and baked for small events while living in Great Lakes, Illinois, a small Naval community outside of Chicago.  She thought about writing a cookbook, but it wasn’t quite the literary outlet she was looking for.  Fast forward to 2014, Shayna is deep in her first novel, A Past Remembered, and plans to finish and have it published by the end of the year, with several books to add to make it a series!

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